You’ve tried to play by their rules, but now you feel deadened inside, gagging on all that’s left unspoken and unexpressed.

The frustration is turning to resentment and anger. You lash out, only to then be gnawed by guilt and shame.

You’ve tried to be who they want or need you to be, but that isn’t serving your own needs. It’s not feeding your own flame, it’s dimming your light.

You literally FEEL faded. Faded, trapped and bored.

You’ve tried to stifle your creative urges, ignore your ideas and your deepest yearnings and forget the parts of you pushed deep down that are whispering louder and louder for attention. Hell, by now they might even be screaming.

You’re wondering how you lost your way. How you forgot the most important parts of yourself.

How you got into a situation that’s sucking the life force out of you.

What you want is to feel…






It’s simple, really: you want to feel alive.

Not make do with merely existing.

You’re here today because you’re ready for the next step forward (even though you might not know what it is).

Something is stirring inside of you and you can no longer ignore it.

You’re ready to step back out into the glorious light of being, let yourself out to play, and feel free to just be yourself.

Because let’s be honest: there’d be nothing worse than one day looking back over your life with regret.

There’s just one problem, really: you’re not sure how.

Or you do know how, but going for it feels too big, scary, overwhelming and confusing.

What you need is courage and support, and there’s where I come in:

when you need a loving and honest bullshit-slayer (that’s me) to help you take the steps from here to there.

I’m a mentor, supporter, cheerleader, intuitive

& honest hard-question asker

working with creative freedom-seekers and fledgling empire-builders.

I take an honest, down-to-earth, no-nonsense approach in helping and inspiring women to pursue their inner urges and dreams and bring their ideas to life.


I’m Tash Dumas, a French/Aussie wanderer and explorer living in the south-west of France.

I have a strong aversion to bullshit, stagnation and feeling fenced in or stuck, but a deep need for roots… probably because I’ve never really had any.

Yes, like many of us, I’m a walking paradox and I’m learning to be OK with that!

Why Burst to Bright?

Too many women hold themselves back from chasing after their dreams or hell, even tip-toeing after them.

They put themselves last on their list of priorities.

They want to feel more freedom, they’d like to be more courageous, they crave more out of life and out of their business,

but they’re just not sure what to do about it.

In fact, I’ve been there myself.

Me, a strong, independent, wilful rebellious type… I’ve painted myself into a corner more than once. And it sucks.

Often, all we need is for someone to give us honest advice, to believe in us, to imagine the possibilities with us,

to ask the right questions or to listen without judging.

I have had the privilege of being that person for some amazing women (and even a few men).

I can be that person for you, too.

If you’ve been turned off by online fakery, hype and BS…

If you’re looking to keep it real and you realise that someone blowing smoke (or glitter) up your arse just isn’t helpful,

you’ve come to the right place.

With me, there’ll be no sugar coating, just tonnes of caring: I want your success as much as you do and more than anything I want you to keep everything you do aligned with YOU.

I can help you discover and accept yourself, fulfil your potential, overcome your challenges or go after that dream you’ve had for so long that it’s become a dull ache.

I want you to burst to bright and let yourself be YOU