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The meaning of grey

What do I mean when I talk about grey? Grey = stagnant As an onomatopoeia it would be ‘blah’ or ‘meh’ It’s not comfortable, yet it’s not really uncomfortable either It’s being passive and reactive instead of proactive; letting yourself be carried along by life’s events instead of steering your own course It’s being an […]

The pact

Once again, it’s Sunday late afternoon and I’m clawing my way to this week’s finish line. You might get sick of me saying “I really struggled”, but it’s the truth, so why hide it? Every day this week I thought of at least 3 good topics to blog about, and then didn’t. Yesterday when I […]

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”*

I once read somewhere that it was a good idea to start off a new blog with a post declaring your intentions and aims, generally stating what readers could expect to find there. As a blogger, this is a great way to track progress and ensure you stay on topic, and as a reader, a […]