[CBWM-11] How we turn grey

Part of bursting to bright implies identifying the root causes of your malaise; the choices and experiences that got you here, to grey.

I would say in most cases, grey doesn’t just happen to you suddenly. It certainly can catch you unawares, but it doesn’t blind-side you. It’s something that happens so gradually that you probably didn’t notice it happening. Or you saw little clues along the way, but they didn’t seem big enough to be cause for concern.

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[CBWM-10] Why Bobby Brown is singing in my head today

Yesterday I had my second last singing lesson with my current teacher. Feeling like I hadn’t worked on my songs enough, I dreaded it all day and even contemplated not going to the pre-paid session even though cancelling last minute would mean losing 33 euros.

I thought well, since I’m going to be stopping anyway in two weeks, I might as well just stop now. I mean what am I honestly going to learn and progress on in two lessons? I also figured that if I just didn’t go to the last two sessions, I wouldn’t have to have the awkward conversation to explain why I wasn’t making my next appointment and pre-paying my next 10 lessons. PAH! What a sissy!

But of course, I’m NOT a sissy so… Read more