[CBWM-15] Il pleure dans mon cœur

It’s a sad day at BtoB HQ today and I was almost tempted not to blog, but I know that would make me feel even worse.

Today I found out that a dear friend of ours who’s been battling cancer for the last few months is losing the fight and will not be with us for very much longer.

I feel sad for him, for the beautiful life, wife and daughter he’ll be leaving behind, sad that they all have to go through this, sad that I’m so far away.

I feel sad that death has to exist to teach us how to live and that even with constant reminders the lessons don’t really seem to sink in.

We know we have so much to be grateful for. We know that life is fleeting and that we should cherish our loved ones with each breath. If only that wasn’t sometimes so hard to do.

We know we should be making the most of every minute of sunshine, not sweating the small stuff, taking risks because life is so short, even for the lucky few who live to 115.

We know all of this, and yet we fuck about, waste time, spend precious moments being angry, jealous, petty or resentful, taking people for granted, spend our days wishing and wondering and regretting, doing things we don’t enjoy, and work we don’t love, surrounded by people we don’t care about.

Why can’t we just fucking remember?

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